Twingo 3 0.9 TCE 95 chiptuning

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    • Twingo 3 0.9 TCE 95 chiptuning

      Hi all

      Does any one with the "new" 0.9 TCE 95 engine have a chiptuning?

      I came across this one (the only one I find) but for the price (low) I'm not so sure about the quality.

    • ...I would not!

      Usually low-budget-chip-boxes do not work as described (check some reviews).
      I went through loads of information for my TCE90 and found out that most of the boxes just change the way of performance your car behaves after installing such a unit.
      There is no real power gain.

      Save some more money and go to a trusted tuner.

      Twingo III Energy Cosmic TCe90 EDC mit Drehmoment im falschen Drehzahlbereich
      • Bastuck Twin E