DDT4All Codierungstool Twingo 3

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    • I'm sorry, I'm not really familiar with DDT4all.
      I use Torque Pro and a Bluetooth OBDII-Adapter.


      Twingo III Energy Cosmic TCe90 EDC ohne nennenswertem Drehmoment

      • Bastuck Twin E

    • Argy22 schrieb:

      Hello to all,

      I recently bought a twingo 3 - 2016 first registration. TPMS warning light (& wrench) are always on no matter if i reset the tpms feature or not. After a while lights up again. So i think is a missing tpms valve (direct tpms) or a battery thing. I need to turn off the feature. When im trying to do it from ddt4all through cluster / tdb menu the lights go off upon software reset but i get an "errorP" indication into the dashboard. The vehicle starts just fine. When i turn the feature on again all fine in the dashboard. Has anyone experience on this case. Maybe i do something wrong? Kindly advice.

      PS. Tpms feature is not necessary in my country's TUV inspection.

      Thank you.
      click here ;)
    • tommi88 schrieb:

      click here
      Wieso wird hier in meinen Konversationen verlinkt??????????
      Habe sie jetzt alle gelöscht......
      Ist das bei euch auch?

      Bitte an die Mods mal Prüfen.
      Liebe Grüße Mimi :saint:

      Intens TCe EDC mit Faltdach
      Komfort-Paket Sitz-Paket Faltdach
      16 Zoll Alus u.s.w
      Mangogelb mit 93 PS

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